Schedule Workshop

Wednesday, March 29
8:00 Registration
9:00 Welcome
9:15 Gunther Eggeler, On elementary deformation processes in the early stages of low temperature (<800 °C) and high stress (>600 MPa) creep of Ni-base single crystal superalloys (SX) (invited)
10:00 Catherine Rae, Deformation mechanisms in single crystal superalloys (invited)
10:45 Coffee
11:15 Alan Ardell, Disorder strengthening of ordered L12 alloys by face centered cubic (A1) precipitates (invited)
12:00 Ceyhun Oskay, Modelling the evolution of mechanical properties of NiAl diffusion-coatings during thermocyclic exposure
12:25 Lunch
14:00 Haruyuki Inui, Some critical issues for the development of high-temperature Co-based superalloys with L12 cuboidal precipitates (invited)
14:45 Martin Friák, Quantum-mechanical study of tensorial elastic properties and stability of interface states associated with ∑5(210) grain boundaries in Ni3(Al,Si)
15:10 Abed Breidi, First-principles modeling of superlattice intrinsic stacking fault energies in Ni3Al based alloys
15:35 Coffee
16:10 Carolin Körner, From powder particles to a single crystal (invited)
16:55 Jan Frenzel, Evolution of misorientation structures in Ni-base superalloys
17:20 Close
Poster session
Discussion time with snacks and drinks
Thursday, March 30
9:00 Dallas Trinkle, Dislocation core structures in Ni-based superalloys computed using density functional theory based flexible boundary condition approach (invited)
9:45 Erik Bitzek, Atomistic simulations of misfit dislocation networks and their interactions with channel dislocations in the γ/γ’ microstructure of Ni-based superalloys (invited)
10:30 Coffee
11:00 James Kermode, Multiscale modelling of rare events in materials chemomechanics (invited)
11:45 Federico Bianchini, QM/MM simulation of dislocation motion in Ni alloys
12:10 Lunch
14:00 Bernard Fedelich, Overview about constitutive models for single crystal superalloys (invited)
14:45 Siwen Gao, Dislocation climb and vacancy diffusion in single crystal superalloys: A discrete dislocation dynamics study
15:10 Tomáš Záležák, The investigation of metal matrix composites through 3D discrete dislocation dynamics
15:35 Coffee
16:10 Ingo Steinbach, Phase-field simulation of solidification, heat treatment and thermomechanical processing of Ni-base superalloys (invited)
16:55 Grisell Díaz Leines, Atomistic insight into the nucleation mechanism during solidification in Ni
17:20 Close
18:00 Conference dinner (Q-West on campus)
Friday, March 31
9:00 Ralf Rettig, Computational alloy design based on thermodynamic calculations: Case studies for Ni-based superalloys and steels (invited)
9:45 Alexander Müller, A fast model for the optimal composition sensitivity based on regression analysis of superalloy properties calculated with CALPHAD approach
10:10 Markus Rath, Prediction of eta-phase Ni6AlNb evolution in Ni-base superalloys by computational thermokinetics
10:35 Coffee
11:00 James Saal, ICME design of high performance turbine alloys (invited)
11:45 Alice Redermeier, Thermodynamic description of TCP phases in commercial single crystal Ni-base superalloys with special emphasis on the P-phase
12:10 Thomas Hammerschmidt, Modelling TCP and L12 phase stability in multi-component alloys with structure maps
12:35 Concluding remarks
13:00 Lunch
Close of workshop